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You can view a sellers deals history by clicking view deals to examine exactly how they performed and the number of successful deals they've accomplished. Customer feedback helps further evaluate sellers history to give you a custom and unique outlook on who you're dealing with. Ultimately, however, it is your responsibility to do the final screening to help ensure that the seller is a great match for you and your project. Start building your record right away!
Successful deals are accomplished when both the buyer and the seller mark the task as completed giving it a closed check mark rating. This verifies to you that this seller is a legitimate source to associate with. Customer feedback is left along with the successful deal for further information on the deal. Inversely, marking the deal as incomplete with an X will reflect poorly on the sellers deal history giving them an incentive to legitimately give you what you need.
By creating a deal contract on jussimple your client has opted into creating an order with their secure jussimple wallet. This means the funds must be released to you upon completing the deal and cannot be reverted. This saves you from potential scams, frauds, and other dangerous activities usually done by fraudelent parties online. In the worst case scenario, dispute resolution further assists in deals going accordingly.
With viuble wallet you can securely create a deal contract with someone and only release the funds when you are sure of what you're getting. This saves you from being scammed or being a victim of fraud by dealing only with cashless transactions that you can cancel anytime if you aren't happy with what you're getting. viuble wallet also gives sellers the confidence in performing knowing that their client is serious - actively filtering out anyone who isn't really serious.
We take scams and frauds very seriously. If you believe you're a victim of a scam or fraudelent deal contact Customer Support immediately.
Viuble is highly protective of your privacy, only disclosing information permitted by our Privacy Policy. This may include the rare instance of subpoena or other legal requirements, which you’ll find outlined in our protocol here.

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